‘Madam Secretary’ episode has Christian ‘militia’ making bombs, working with ISIS

‘Madam Secretary’ episode has Christian ‘militia’ making bombs, working with ISIS
Tim Daly and Tea Leoni (CBS's "Madame Secretary") glam it up on the red carpet at the Nerd Prom. (Image: Film Magic via Cerulean Chronicle)

[Ed. – They can’t make it “true” true.  But they’re determined to make it fake true.  As an aside, did anyone else see the commercial teaser for Sunday’s episode of Madam Secretary?  I don’t watch the show, but I was arrested by the sight of Tea Leoni huffing along declaiming “Nobody pantses America!”  Who writes this stuff?  It’s like what you’d get if Aaron Sorkin sold scripts off the shelf at Target.  Foreign policy by Isaac Mizrahi, with turquoise polka dots.]

In CBS’s Madam Secretary episode on Sunday titled “The Detour,” Elizabeth McCord’s (Tea Leoni) husband, Henry (Tim Daly), is brought into an FBI investigation of a Christian doomsday cult called the Covenant of John. Raided by authorities in their operation in Bolivia while he was there, Henry has knowledge of the militia group and sets out to determine if Rex Mayfield (James McCaffery), a cult member now living in eastern Virginia, is the bomb-maker responsible for selling a bomb used on an Illinois coffee shop attack on orders from ISIS leader al-Mutaya.

Christians working with ISIS? Far-fetched indeed. The raid on Mayfield’s property in Virginia proves he has made an even bigger bomb and the FBI must find it before it goes off. Under questioning, Mayfield is painted as an ignorant rube when he states the plan is to bring about an apocalypse – a battle between the Crusaders and the Faithful on “the plains of Dubuque.” Devout members of ISIS believe the final battle will be in Dubiq, Syria. Not Dubuque.

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