Republicans said to be eyeing two options for keeping DREAMers in U.S.

Republicans said to be eyeing two options for keeping DREAMers in U.S.

Matt Lewis hears rumblings. “DACA” is, of course, shorthand for the executive amnesty for young illegals ordered by Obama in 2012 that allows them to remain in the U.S. subject to certain basic conditions:

According to my sources, there are two potential options being discussed: 1) keep DACA in place for six months to a year and have Congress pass a fix (perhaps as part of a larger border security bill), or 2) repeal DACA but allow continuation for work permits (so DREAMers can earn a living while Congress hammers out the details), and assign them a low deportation priority until Congress can pass a fix. Finally, Congress—not a presidential executive order—must codify this carve-out into law…

[T]his could be [Trump’s] “Only Nixon can go to China” moment. …

I haven’t seen that reported elsewhere but it makes perfect sense. Trump has already signaled that he’s open to an accommodation on DREAMers, telling Time magazine in his “Man of the Year” interview when asked about them that “We’re going to work something out that’s going to make people happy and proud.”

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