Our country is in cardiac arrest

Our country is in cardiac arrest
(Image: Sergei Karpukhin/File-Pool Photo via AP)

[Ed. – It’s hard to take seriously the raised-voice hysteria of anyone who has been solemnly giving respectful credence to Obama’s foreign policy for the last eight years.  There’s nothing left for Trump to detonate; Obama has already blown it all up.]

If Donald Trump has the goal of destroying American power, breaking up the European Union, dismantling NATO, lifting Russian sanctions, and helping to elect a bunch of Russian-aligned far right fascist parties in Western Europe, at least he’s willing to tell us exactly that. There’s very little subtlety about it at this point, and the only fig leaf he’s going to offer is the prospect that Putin will agree to some kind of reduction in our respective nuclear arsenals.

Is that a fair trade?


Are Republicans really going to go along with this?

All in the name of white ethno-nationalism and petro politics?

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