How most doctors, patients will benefit from Obamacare reform

How most doctors, patients will benefit from Obamacare reform
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Republicans have begun the labyrinthian process of repealing and replacing ObamaCare. It will undoubtedly end up taking longer than President-elect Donald Trump believes, and the process will be far messier, but in the end it will happen. The question, therefore, is what will health care look like post-ObamaCare?

For the last two days, we have looked at what ObamaCare repeal and a Republican replacement will mean for consumers and patients. Any Republican plan is almost certain to expand health-savings accounts (HSAs) and allow you to purchase insurance across state lines.

There will be an expansion of association health plans, and it will be easier to join a group insurance plan. You will be able to buy lower cost, less comprehensive insurance that better fits your individual needs, rather than a one-size-fits-all plan designed in Washington.

All this means that consumers will have more choices and be able to find cheaper insurance. The expansion of HSAs means that it will be easier to keep your insurance if you change or lose your job.

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