Jerry Brown’s high-speed train fiasco may be his undoing in showdown with Trump

Jerry Brown’s high-speed train fiasco may be his undoing in showdown with Trump
Credit: California High-Speed Rail Authority

[Ed. – Don’t discount this analysis.  The proposition is simple enough that everyone can understand it: Brown has let an unpopular program — one that is heavily dependent on federal dollars — spiral WAY out of control.  In terms of who knows what he’s doing and what the rights and wrongs are, Trump will own this one.  Brown has little hope of facing down the new president — and he has few if any allies who’ll go to the mat on this issue.]

Yesterday, the Los Angeles Times published information from a “confidential” Federal Railroad Administration report that was leaked to it revealing absolute incompetence and out-of-control overspending on the first segment under construction.  The report by Ralph Vartabedian should be read in its entirety to grasp the level of chaos in the project…


He does not know it yet, but the California governor may be setting himself up to be a tool of persuasion for Trump in altering the culture of federal construction contracting.  By declaring war on the president-elect, Jerry Brown invites a response from a man not known for restraint in countering his opponents.  And the failures of the California project exemplify exactly the sort of waste Trump needs to control in his promised trillion-dollar infrastructure program.

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