Democratic Party should move HQ to Detroit

Democratic Party should move HQ to Detroit
Thriving metropolis: the ruins of Detroit. (Image: Wikipedia)

[Ed. – Poor Detroit.  I’m not sure which one to feel worse for — but I’m leaning toward the Motor City.]

I can think of no better way for the DNC’s new chair to signal a fresh start than by setting up the party’s headquarters in Detroit, Michigan—not Washington, D.C.—in the heart of the industrial Midwest, where the now-shattered Big Blue Wall once stood as a symbol of Democratic strength.

There are some who will argue that the party can prevail in the years ahead without a concerted effort to win back the support of disaffected voters who deserted the party on Election Day. But it’s folly for Democrats to think that demographic winds or more sophisticated data analysis alone will power a resurgence. To prevail, we need to fight with renewed intensity to earn the trust of American working families, including those left behind in the wake of the global economy and those who fear they are next to fall behind. From day one, we need to mount an offensive to defeat Donald Trump’s impending assault on American democracy, the environment, civil rights, healthcare and the safety net Democrats have labored so hard to build. And, to wage these fights and to forge our party’s future, the national party must work hand in hand with state parties and progressive allies to build a nationwide grassroots organization, fueled by the passion of our ideals and millions of volunteers and contributors.

[A whole lot of Democrats will really need to just get jobs first.  And they won’t be able to thank Democrats to Democratic policies for that. – Ed.]

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