Is the intelligence community trying to undermine Trump?

Is the intelligence community trying to undermine Trump?
DNI James Clapper (credit:

My ability to read the minds of leaders of the intelligence community is weaker than theirs to read Putin’s, and I lack knowledge of just how the 35-page dodgy dossier found its way into the computerized hands of BuzzFeed. But what we’re seeing looks an awful lot like an attempt by intelligence officials, probably including presidential employees, to delegitimize the president-elect and his administration. It’s in line with the warnings to Trump by Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer not to tangle with the intelligence community.

That’s disturbing, even if you are troubled also, as I am, by Trump’s persistent unwillingness to criticize and persistent propensity to praise Putin. Just before Trump met with the press in New York, his nominee for secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, was fielding pointed questions from Republican senator Marco Rubio about policy toward Russia.

Those are fair questions. …

Perhaps, as Trump says, we can work with Russia in fighting radical Islam. Perhaps not. There’s room for disagreement on that — but not about whether the intelligence community should be undermining the president-elect.

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