EPA to victims of Gold King Mine disaster: Too bad, no damages for you

EPA to victims of Gold King Mine disaster: Too bad, no damages for you
The Animas River, where orange is the new blue. (Image: CNN iReport)

[Ed. – Italics in original.]

Those downstream from the EPA’s blunder suffered more than a billion dollars in damages. The EPA now takes the position that this is just their tough luck. The Politico article is behind a paywall, but this is what it says:

EPA says it is barred from paying back 73 claims made against the agency over the 2015 spill of 3 million gallons of wastewater from the Gold King mine in Colorado.

In a brief notice today, EPA said that an independent agency official, after receiving guidance from the Justice Department…

That is, the corrupt Obama-Holder-Lynch Justice Department, ground zero of the swamp that needs to be drained in Washington.

…concluded that claims — which the Associate Press said totaled $1.2 billion — brought under the Federal Tort Claims Act cannot be legally compensated by EPA.

Cannot be legally compensated! Got that? The EPA would really like to repay the innocent citizens whom it harmed through its grotesque negligence, but it just can’t. Barack Obama’s Justice Department won’t allow it.

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