The ‘other’ tragedy of the Chicago torture video (as seen from a black social justice perspective)

The ‘other’ tragedy of the Chicago torture video (as seen from a black social justice perspective)
Image: YouTube screen grab via Mimi Geerges

All four suspects in the Chicago torture video now face charges of aggravated battery, hate crimes and kidnapping.

See Jordon, Tesfaye, Brittany and Tanishia. See the crime they committed. See how swift justice is dispensed when the perpetrators, rather than the victims, are black.

I’m having such a hard time trying to compartmentalize my feelings about the videotaped torture of this precious young man…. [W]hile it’s clearly reprehensible, the unrelenting media focus on this random incident, is, to my mind, unbalanced and unwarranted. I understand that we live in an era where the internet rules, and these kinds of salacious stories are the best kind of click-bait. The young folk who use the medium understand that too. (One of the perpetrators says to the camera, “Y’all not even commenting on my s***!”)

But I wonder: How many fellow citizens who can’t stop their social media commentary about this sick incident have been just as outraged and outspoken about the regular harassment and abuse that black teenagers and other black fellow citizens endure daily at the hands of white cops? It seems to me that our (un)righteous indignation has a blind spot.

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