Wait, Dan Coats can’t be intelligence director. He’s not a progressive LGBT ideologue!

Wait, Dan Coats can’t be intelligence director. He’s not a progressive LGBT ideologue!
(Image: White House via National Journal)

[Ed. – How foolish of Trump, not to recognize the essential link between left-wing LGBT orthodoxy and effectiveness as the top manager of national intelligence policy for the president.]

The New York Timesreporting that former Indiana Sen. Dan Coats is being tapped for director of national intelligence, called the staunch homophobe “a mild-mannered conservative.” Perhaps the Times has a short memory or didn’t do much research on Coats—or perhaps its characterization is a sign of just how far rightward the right wing has recently careened. But Coats’ appointment would be one more mark of how empty—or dishonest—Donald Trump’s claim that he’s an ally of the LGBTQ community was.

As a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Coats fought against LGBTQ equality far more stridently than his conservative colleagues in Congress. Coats was a leading opponent of Bill Clinton’s 1993 effort to let lesbian, gay, and bisexual troops serve openly, fighting instead to retain a complete ban, a position more extreme than then–Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Colin Powell’s willingness to allow gays and lesbians to serve as long as they hid their sexual orientation. …

In 1993, Coats vehemently opposed the nomination of lesbian civil rights lawyer Roberta Achtenberg as assistant secretary of housing, citing her opposition to the Boy Scouts’ anti-LGBTQ ban as “an example of a radical agenda that is outside the mainstream of civil rights.”

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