Channeling Meryl Streep, most viewers were watching football instead of the Golden Globes

Channeling Meryl Streep, most viewers were watching football instead of the Golden Globes
File image. So much more fun than watching Hollywood slap itself on the back. The Patriots' Malcolm Butler intercepts Russell Wilson at the goal line in Super Bowl XLIX. (Image: SI/The MMQB, John Iacono via

[Ed. – Fun catch from JWF.  As Jammie points out, viewership had probably even dropped off for the Lions Giants-Packers (SIGH) game, once its outcome was in little doubt (which was when it went head-to-head with the Golden Globes ceremony).  Emphasis in original.]

After the smug speech by the “brave” Meryl Streep last night, it’s worth noting this quote:

“So Hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners,” Streep said as she accepted the Cecil B. DeMille Award. “And if we kick them all out you’ll have nothing to watch but football and mixed martial arts, which are not the arts.

Well, apparently most Americans are tuning into football rather than being lectured by Democrat actresses.

UPDATE: In time zone-adjusted ratings, the Golden Globes delivered a 5.6 rating in adults 18-49 and 20.02 million viewers. The awards improved a bit year to year, rising from a 5.5 and 18.73 million viewers in 2016. Final ratings will be out Tuesday. …

In the 7 pm (ET) slot, the New York Giants-Green Bay Packers was already entering blowout territory, yet still drew 34.28 million viewers and a 32 share, likely smaller than the previous hour when the game was very much in doubt.

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