Site you’ve never heard of aims to be ‘Breitbart of the left’

Site you’ve never heard of aims to be ‘Breitbart of the left’
Bring it, suckers. (Image via

[Ed. – OK, so some of you are probably political geeks too, and know that David Brock’s Breitbart-wannabe site is Shareblue.  But when you have to seek notoriety by orienting people with the name of the standard-setter, you know you’re in a tail-chase that isn’t going to end anytime soon.]

Shortly after the election, as it dawned on the left that Breitbart was a true media force to be reckoned with, liberal operative and media watchdog David Brock announced to his donors that he wanted to turn his Web site, Shareblue, into a “Breitbart of the left,” a partisan news site that would seek to undermine Donald Trump’s incoming administration. The notion was instantly derided as facile, superficial, and unlikely to solve anything. “David Brock is the worst possible messenger for Democrats. He should not be given a single dollar more,” progressive strategist Jonathan Tasini told The HillVox said the idea was just the latest in the “long, sad history of liberal efforts to copy right-wing media.” (Breitbart itself loved the irony of Brock, the man who ”once tried to destroy” them, now attempting to replicate their methods.)

Brock, who came to prominence as a right-leaning journalist before switching sides and founding left-wing media-watchdog organization Media Matters, is undeterred by the criticism. In a wide-ranging conversation, he laid out how Democrats lost their way, why the party struggles to connect with voters, and what the left can learn from the right. “Breitbart is just the analogy. We’re not going to do what they do. We’re going to be an antidote to what they do,” he argued. “We’re going to use facts.”

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