Obama writes his own criminal justice legacy in law review article

Obama writes his own criminal justice legacy in law review article

Barack Obama is no stranger to writing articles in the Harvard Law Review, he was an editor of the law journal as a law student.  However, this time he decided to write an article as the President of the United States as part of an effort to defend his record on criminal justice.

The article is titled “The President’s Role in Advancing Criminal Justice Reform.”  In the 56 page journal article, Obama highlighted a number of efforts he has undertaken as president to make the criminal justice system “smarter, fairer and more effective.”

He then broke the article down into several parts.  First, he spoke about the need to do more in the fight against criminal justice and what he started was simply the beginning.

He also spoke about how the president can and should use certain tools to expedite reform. He highlighted his own record number of commutations of low level drug offenders.

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