Trump and black Americans

Trump and black Americans

A list of keyword search terms for the omnipresent Donald Trump likely would include: tweet, Putin, transition, China, Carrier, GM, ISIS, taxes, Mexico, immigrants, nativist and white.

One search term would not show up on any list: black Americans.

Black Americans appear—as a political issue—on every presidential candidate’s must-do list. But after the voting stops, they generally drop down or off the list. Four years later, the same people are living in the same neighborhoods with the same disordered schools and the same dim prospects for economic advancement.

Conventional wisdom now holds that Donald Trump is president because he identified the angry white counterparts of black voters who have watched the world pass them by election after election.

Maybe black voters are angry, too. And maybe with Donald Trump, of all people, they’ll get some political respect that matters.

In September, Mr. Trump visited a private charter school, the Cleveland Arts and Social Sciences Academy, in one of that city’s toughest neighborhoods.

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