Man advertises $325 ’empty’ plastic baggies on Craigslist with ‘free’ marijuana inside

Man advertises $325 ’empty’ plastic baggies on Craigslist with ‘free’ marijuana inside
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A Western Mass. marijuana entrepreneur may have put himself in a sticky legal situation by advertising his wares on Craigslist.

As spotted by NEPR, several listings have popped up on the Western Mass. Craigslist page, offering “dispensary grade marijuana,” competitive prices and quick delivery.

Though personal possession of marijuana is now legal in Massachusetts, selling it is not. Gifts of less than an ounce are allowed, however — and it is in that provision that the seller, who identifies himself as Corey, believes he has found a loophole.

“Disclaimer: I am selling you an empty bag. Marijuana placed in that empty sandwich bag is simply a legal gift, not connected in anyway, to any sale,” one ad reads.

The empty bags retail from $20, with one gram of marijuana included, to $325 for nearly an ounce — right below the state’s legal transfer limit.

NEPR spoke with Northwestern District Attorney David Sullivan, who threw cold water on the seller’s legal workaround.

“To say an empty baggie costs $350 is ridiculous,” Sullivan told NEPR. “I think it’s a clear fraud on its face.”

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