TDS is worse than Bush Derangement Syndrome

TDS is worse than Bush Derangement Syndrome

I was hoping to write an upbeat column to kick off the new year, something about how all sorts of things in our great country are bound to get better in the months ahead, a column based at least as much on wishful thinking as hard-nosed reality…. But it’s hard to be cheery when our nation is in the throes of a full-blown epidemic, one that is causing so much pain to millions of our fellow Americans.

Yes, I’m talking about the dreaded mental disorder known as Trump Derangement Syndrome — or simply TDS.

You remember Bush Derangement Syndrome, right? It was when the mere mention of President George W. Bush’s name sent liberals into a fevered state of instability. Someone would carelessly say “Bush” and their eyes would involuntarily begin to roll, and then came the shortness of breath, followed by foam forming on the poor victim’s mouth — though this mainly happened among Bush-hating liberals who lived on the Upper West Side of Manhattan or in Hollywood.

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