Liberals need to recognize that the Republican agenda can work to their advantage

Liberals need to recognize that the Republican agenda can work to their advantage
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A few days after winning the presidency, Donald Trump visited Manhattan’s posh 21 Club and told the swells dining there, “We’ll get your taxes down. Don’t worry about it.”

So far he seems intent on following through. Congressional Republicans are working on a tax-reform plan that in practice would benefit the well-to-do. And Trump’s pick of spending hawk Mick Mulvaney to head the Office of Budget and Management suggests that government programs may indeed be slashed to make such tax cuts palatable to fiscal conservatives.

Democratic lawmakers representing liberal parts of America habitually denounce this sort of thing: Spending reductions combined with tax cuts benefiting upper incomes. The question is, “should they?” and the answer is “no.” The blue states should take the money and run.

The time has come for liberals to recognize that the Republican agenda — which they have little control over anyway — can work to their advantageWho gets the least return on the money they send to Washington? The economically successful blue states. Which states most depend on federal spending? The poorer red ones. [Emphasis added]

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