5 ways Trump could negate December’s anti-Israel UN resolution

5 ways Trump could negate December’s anti-Israel UN resolution
Soulmates. (Image via Guardian)

[Ed. – Obama’s last stand should come out at least as badly as Custer’s, after all.]

The U.S. decision to allow a U.N. Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlements to pass was met with bipartisan condemnation, including from leading players in efforts to achieve a two-state solution, such as Democrats Dennis Ross and George Mitchell.

Of course, the goal of the Obama administration was to box in President-elect Donald Trump’s foreign policy. The most direct way to reject the Security Council Resolution 2334 is to reject the opinions it expresses and act against its recommendations. …

Here are some ideas — most of which require no legislative action.

1) The U.S. must clearly declare that Israeli settlements do not violate international law.


The Security Council’s broad and general condemnation of any Jewish presence whatsoever in eastern Jerusalem and the West Bank is a unique rule invented for Israel. … What is being demanded of Israel in its historical homeland has never been demanded of any other state, and never will be.

2) The United States should move the embassy not merely to Jerusalem, but to the location of the current Consular Section in the Arnona neighborhood. …


5) At the United Nations, defunding is one option — but vetoing Security Council resolutions not clearly necessary to the U.S. national interest is another.

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