4 of 2016’s worst political faceplants

4 of 2016’s worst political faceplants

When John Adams was president, he wrote: “When a party grows strong and feels its power, it becomes intoxicated, grows presumptuous and extravagant, and breaks to pieces.” This is what happened in 2016 — not so much to Republicans or Democrats but to the bipartisan bloc of globalists. They controlled both parties for so long that they convinced themselves that anyone who disagreed was not only wrong but a goatee-sporting, trident-toting Satan.

If you’re for enforcing border laws, you’re racist. If you believe in America First policies, you’re xenophobic. If you don’t listen to your intellectual superiors bloviating from one end of the mainstream media to the other, you’re stupid. If you support Donald Trump, you’re deplorable.

The Democratic Party, the mainstream media, and the #NeverTrump Republicans spent all of 2016 inside giant group-think bubbles convinced that opinions not represented on The New York Times opinion page don’t exist. Imagine a world where David Brooks represents the rightmost fringe of the American political spectrum, a world where opening up the borders and surrendering the racist idea of nationhood is simply common sense agreed on by both parties. That’s life in the liberal bubble.

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