A New Year’s request for the Left

A New Year’s request for the Left

Remember the patriotic explosion at the Democratic National Convention? Remember the defiant declarations that America was already great? That was before. That was when the Left thought it had won. Now the new Left is back to being the old Left, and to the old Left, America was never great.

It’s hard to overemphasize the importance of academic leftism to Democratic discourse. Academic leftism seeps into progressive corporations, it dominates leftist writing, and it inevitably merges with pop culture. What starts on campus moves to television, to music, to books, and to law with astonishing speed.

And academic leftism has become extraordinarily poisonous and extraordinarily ignorant. As Lilla put it in an interview with the Chronicle of Higher Education, it has lost its sense of proportion. “Our campuses are not Aleppo,” he says, and there is a reason why “people use the word ‘academic’ not to mean scholarly, but to mean totally detached from reality.”

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