Islamist terrorism ‘greatest threat’ to Germany … says Angela Merkel

Islamist terrorism ‘greatest threat’ to Germany … says Angela Merkel

[Ed. – What a difference a year makes.]

Angela Merkel has told German citizens that the biggest challenge the country is facing is from Islamist terrorism.

In her New Year message she tells Germans that their country is stronger than terrorism and the government will do everything to ensure ‘security in freedom’.

In her annual televised message, which is being broadcast today, chancellor Mrs Merkel says 2016 has been ‘a year of severe tests’, the toughest of them Islamic extremist terror.

But she adds, however, that she is ‘confident for Germany’.

Twelve people were killed in a lorry attack on a Christmas market in Berlin on December 19.

The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for that rampage, as it did for two attacks in Bavaria in the summer in which the assailants, who, like the chief suspect in Berlin, came to Germany as asylum-seekers.

In the Bavaria attacks the two assailants were killed, while 20 people were injured.

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