Volcanic activity up around the world

Volcanic activity up around the world

[Ed. – Obviously robo-translated from another language, apparently Spanish.]

Campi Flegrei in the west of Naples, Italy [is] an extensive volcanic that boasts 24 craters and its cauldron-like depression was formed 39,000 years before as part of the biggest eruption that Europe has experienced in the last 200,000 years.

A team of researchers led by volcanologist Giovanni Chiodini from the Italian National Institute of Geophysics in Rome assures that Campi Flegrei seems to be approaching a critical pressure point, a sign that could be read as announcing of an imminent eruption. …

Another colossus, Sakurajima volcano at Japan’s Kyushu island…considered…close to a major eruption since it is being supplied with around 14 million cubic meters of magma each year, a growing potential to trigger an eruption within 30 years –or much less. …

Consider Pavlof volcano in Aleutian islands, Alaska, that erupted last March 28th. …

[T]he giant of fire Popocatepetl awoke with a concert of explosions and fume columns, daily El País reported in its March 19th edition. Last new of its activity was made last December 1st

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