New U.S. defense bill ‘direct threat,’ says Russia

New U.S. defense bill ‘direct threat,’ says Russia
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Serving as the latest figurative jab in the two countries’ ongoing publicity war, a Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson called the United States’ newest defense spending authorization a “hostile” act Tuesday, Politico reported.

President Barack Obama, following Congress’ passage of the $618.7 billion National Defense Authorization Act earlier this month, signed the spending bill into law Friday and Russian spokesperson Maria Zakharova said the intended funding for Syrian anti-government rebels, who she called “bloody thugs,” was a “direct threat” to Russian aircraft, soldiers and its embassy in Syria.

Zakharova also addressed the timing of the bill, as Obama transitions out and President-elect Donald Trump in, could create further issues for the oft-at-odds nations.

“The passing of this law in the last days of team Obama is an indication the administration is planting a landmine for the future administration of Donald Trump, in an attempt to complicate affairs in the international arena,” Zakharova said.

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