Comics shy away from Donald Trump jokes

Comics shy away from Donald Trump jokes
Image: YouTube screen grab via InfamousAllegiance

Didja hear the one about Trump?

Yeah, me neither.

The campaign season that was a gold mine for late-night hosts and “Saturday Night Live” has morphed into a post-election land mine for local stand-up comics, who say jokes about the president-elect go over like a gold-plated balloon.

“This election was the most polarizing election in the history of our country,” said Jody Sloane, a Boston-based comic. “To even lightly joke about Trump leads Trump supporters to assume you are a Hillary supporter and the ­hatred ensues. You run the risk of losing half of your audience — actually, less than half, based on popular vote — but it’s just not worth it and, furthermore, it’s too damn easy.”

“When I was performing leading up to the election, if you mentioned Hillary’s name, you alienated half your audience, if you mentioned Trump’s name, you alienated half your audience,” agreed comedian Jimmy Tingle. “When you mention people’s names or political party, that’s when people fall into their camps.”

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