Carrie Fisher played the first truly kickass princess

Carrie Fisher played the first truly kickass princess
Image: YouTube screen grab via CNNMoney

[Ed. – Oh, goody: the feminist perspective!]

Carrie Fisher was a witty memoirist, a sardonic comedian and a blunt interviewee. But most people will remember her as a princess. And with good reason: her Princess Leia in Star Wars will always hold a place in film history as the first kickass princess.

She took the stage, like the princesses that preceded her, as a damsel in distress. In 1977’s Star Wars Episode IV — A New Hope, Darth Vader kidnaps her, and she must await a rescue mission led by a love-struck Luke Skywalker and a reluctant Han Solo. As it usually goes in the movies, she falls for one of her rescuers…. But she soon was ordering them around — down the garbage shoot, through space, toward danger….

Leia grew into something wholly new. She got her hands on a blaster and fired it as well as anybody else. She led troops on Hoth, like Washington over the Delaware. She was a talented welder, patching up Rebel starships in her down time.

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