The Facebook-induced projectile vomit

The Facebook-induced projectile vomit

[Ed. – One man’s visit to Facebook was enlightening, and not in a good way.]

I made perhaps the worst mistake of my life recently when I happened to investigate Facebook, a site I’ve never had an account on (nor shall I ever).  My three hours of clicking, observing, reflecting, led into a climax of projectile vomit, seeing what some-odd hundreds of old friends, ex-lovers, acquaintances, and the rest were up to these days.  And while my intentions were inquisitive and good, boy, was I wrong.

At first I noticed a recurring trend: every single person, many of whom do not even know each other, all had French flag colors over their pictures, so as to immortalize the Paris massacre.

These are the same people fighting for Islamists to pour into their cities and their towns.

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Next, I noticed that nearly every single one of these people had profile pictures of Bernie Sanders still up.


I had a chance to talk to one of these women prior to my incidental research, and as an ardent activist on Islam, I inquired if she’d ever lived next door to a “refugee”; ever met one; or, further, had ever even picked up the Quran or Hadiths.

Answer: “None of that even matters.”

Yet perhaps the most alarming thing I found in common was all of these Progressives involved in suburban incestuous relationships. …

At once I contemplated the disastrous combination of liberal fascism and the small town.  Ex-girlfriends sleeping with old friends, old friends in “open Relationships,” with any number of people I went to high school with.

All of these people unanimously supported Hillary Clinton.  On November 9, all were crying, creating safe spaces, or encouraging further futile protests.

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