Donald Trump is ruining Christmas

Donald Trump is ruining Christmas
Happy holidays. (Image: Shutterstock)

[Ed. – World’s smallest violin, please.]

I am a Hindu, my husband a Jew. So which religious holiday do we celebrate? Why, Christmas, of course!

Every year, we get the obligatory tree and open presents while sipping eggnog and listening to Nat King Cole’s Christmas album. Later in the day, we bake shortbread cookies with our (Christian) friends and dine over lamb rogan josh and pulao. In short, we may not celebrate this national holiday in a traditional American way (whatever that means), but we have no trouble doing so, much less saying Merry Christmas.

But in Donald Trump’s America, millions of Americans like us who have embraced Christmas voluntarily will become involuntary recruits in his War for Christmas. In the long run that won’t save the holiday, it will doom it.

At stop after stop in his multi-state, post-election victory — err “Thank You” — tour, Trump has been reaffirming his pledge that America will stop saying “Happy Holidays” and start saying “Merry Christmas” on his watch. Against a backdrop of gaudily decorated Christmas trees that the Puritans would have surely banned as a pagan custom, he tells his adoring throngs that he’s had it with “political correctness.”

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