Fed. departments now seem to characterize all Trump info requests as ‘witch hunts’

Fed. departments now seem to characterize all Trump info requests as ‘witch hunts’

[Ed. – We noticed the same thing a few days ago.]

I swear, they used the phrase “witch hunt” in this context, not me.

The Trump transition is showing a disturbing pattern within the federal government of agencies who have ceased to see themselves as servants on the elected representatives of the people but rather are independent actors following their own policy and doing what they damned well please. …

Then the Trump transition asked Energy for data it has every right to see concerning the staff resources used by that department to foist the faux-science “climate change” propaganda on the US public, a clear violation of federal laws that prevent US funds from being used to propagandize Americans in the United States. This simple request was met by such shrieks of despair that you are left with the sure knowledge that Energy knows what it did and is trying to avoid paying a price.

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Now the Trump transition has made a similar request of State… with similar results.

The Trump transition team instructed the State Department to turn over all information Wednesday about “gender-related staffing, programming, and funding,” setting off alarm bells among those who fear that the new administration is going to purge programs that promote women’s equality along with the people who work on them.

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