Six low points in media reactions to Trump in 2016

Six low points in media reactions to Trump in 2016

[Ed. – Trump didn’t “make them do it.”  He just ended up exposing the reality that they would.]

In a bitter and drawn out presidential election year that saw the media’s preferred candidate lose to Donald Trump, it’s only natural that the people charged with covering the campaign would come close to reaching their breaking points.

Here are the six most depressing media moments of 2016:

6. Charles Blow implies that Trump’s black outreach effort is a pile of s—t.After Trump locked up the GOP nomination, he began aggressively calling for minorities, particularly inner-city blacks, to support his campaign. Liberal New York Times columnist Charles Blow used a highbrow term to describe what he thought about that effort. …

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5. MSNBC guest ponders whether Trump has ED.

3. Beck accuses Christians of blasphemy for not supporting Ted Cruz.In the heat of the GOP primary, as the race narrowed down to match between Trump and Cruz, conservative radio host Glenn Beck endorsed the Texas senator and waged a holy war against his opponent. …

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