Last gasp: Democratic leader calls for Trump’s impeachment

Last gasp: Democratic leader calls for Trump’s impeachment

Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer (CA) is proving the old axiom “even a drowning man will clutch at a sword” to be oh, so true.

After spending over a third of a century as a member of the US Congress, Boxer will finally leave the Beltway and move back to California. But not before taking to the pages of USA TODAY to call for the impeachment of President-elect Donald Trump.

After spending the vast majority of her adult years drawing a paycheck ponied up by the taxpayer, Boxer’s last hurrah was a standard leftist diatribe against The Donald, but included the following;

Trump has been elected president, and he is now profiting from the results. Right now, foreign leaders are staying in Trump hotels in Washington, D.C. and all over the world. Once he takes the oath of office, it will be a clear violation of the Emoluments Clause….

Experts say if Trump continues to ignore their advice, the only course is impeachment….

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