Bill Clinton may have cost Hillary the election

Bill Clinton may have cost Hillary the election

Former President Bill Clinton is quick to apportion blame for his wife’s defeat.

“James Comey cost her the election,” Clinton was quoted telling a group of holiday shoppers during an impromptu chat in a Westchester County bookshop last week.

But he has yet to place any blame at all on an otherwise great man with a great fault who bears considerably more responsibility for Hillary Clinton’s loss.

That man is Bill Clinton himself. His great fault is one he shares with his wife; they too often act as if rules that apply to you or me do not apply to them.

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One rule holds that the husband of the target of a criminal investigation should not seek to meet privately with the law enforcement official ultimately in charge of that same investigation, no matter how innocent the talk.

That did not stop Bill Clinton from striding across the tarmac to have a friendly chat with Attorney General Loretta Lynch when their planes happened to be parked near each other at the executive terminal at Sky Harbor airport in Phoenix on June 27.

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