Poll: Majority of Americans who didn’t vote in election don’t regret it

Poll: Majority of Americans who didn’t vote in election don’t regret it
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A majority of people who didn’t cast ballots in this year’s presidential election don’t regret it, according to a Pew Research Center study poll.

Among those interviewed who did not vote in the presidential race, 55 percent said they do not wish they had voted.

The poll found 26 percent of those who did not vote said they made their decision because they did not like the candidates on the ballot. About a quarter said they felt their vote wouldn’t matter, and 22 percent said they weren’t registered or eligible to vote.

Among those who did vote in this year’s election, a significant majority said they would not change the way they voted, if given the chance. The poll found that 99 percent of those who supported Donald Trump would vote for Trump again. Ninety-six percent of those who voted for Hillary Clinton said the same.

Republicans are also feeling more optimistic and the future of their party after Trump’s win, while Democrats are feeling less optimistic, according to the poll.

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