Study: Liberals 3 times as likely as conservatives to ‘unfriend’ on Facebook over politics

Study: Liberals 3 times as likely as conservatives to ‘unfriend’ on Facebook over politics

It seems as though many on the Left have a complicated relationship with the concept of tolerance. On one hand, it’s a sacrosanct liberal value, giving rise to the impulse to plaster ‘Coexist’ bumper stickers on Toyota Priuses from coast to coast (message to fellow motorists: I’m a good person). On the other hand, the tolerance brigades often grant themselves sweeping dispensation when it comes to the toleration of any thoughts, words, or deeds deemed to be intolerable. …

[N]ow we have yet another data point illustrating how intolerance for alternative viewpoints is quantifiably more prevalent on the Left:

Nearly one-quarter (24%) of Democrats say they blocked, unfriended, or stopped following someone on social media after the election because of their political posts on social media. Fewer than one in ten Republicans (9%) and independents (9%) report eliminating people from their social media circle. Political liberals are also far more likely than conservatives to say they removed someone from their social media circle due to what they shared online (28% vs. 8%, respectively). …

The least tolerant sub-demographic measured in the poll was Democratic-leaning women…

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