For the first time in eight years, we finally have hope, Mrs. Obama!

For the first time in eight years, we finally have hope, Mrs. Obama!

RUSH: They just won’t go away.  The very people who told us that Donald Trump represented a threat to the Democratic process themselves are trying to undo and overthrow the democrat process.  The American left and the Democrat Party is as big a bunch of sleaze as I have seen in the 30 years I’ve been doing this.  And I’m counting some years in Sacramento to get to 30 years.

They have become unhinged.  They have become even more deluded and deranged than they are normally.  They have given to just outright lying.  There is journalistic malpractice going on.  The first lady of the United States, who in all of this we are constantly told is the epitome of class.  No matter what else, this Regime and the Democrat Party, no matter what kind of murk and muck it’s swimming around in, we are told that Michelle (My Belle) Obama is, what, Mr. Snerdley?  Classy, the epitome of class.

Well, the first lady sat down with The Oprah to do a, “Gee, we wish it wasn’t over” interview and actually steps up the war with Trump.

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