Putin didn’t hate Hillary: The Clinton Foundation was very good to him

Putin didn’t hate Hillary: The Clinton Foundation was very good to him

The Democrats and the MSM claim that Vladimir Putin tried to sabotage the Clinton campaign to make Donald Trump the POTUS. But that claim doesn’t really make sense when one remembers how Mrs. Clinton and the Clinton [F]oundation worked so hard to enrich Putin’s buddies and provide them with technology and natural resources (to the detriment of America) when she was Secretary of State, and there was no indication that things would be different if she was elected.


In April 2015 the NY Times disclosed a deal which enabled Russia to own about 20% of the uranium production capacity of the United States for a $2.35 million donation to the Clinton Family Foundation. According to the report a Canadian based company Uranium One, owned the uranium assets was being purchased by Russian state atomic energy agency Rosatom — a deal which had to be approved by various U.S. agencies including the State Department.  Canadian records show that while the State Department was mulling of the deal, the family foundation of Chairman of Uranium One made four donations totaling $2.35 million to the Clinton Family Foundation.

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