5 major problems with Facebook’s attempt to limit ‘fake news’

5 major problems with Facebook’s attempt to limit ‘fake news’
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Facebook recently announced that it has begun testing changes to its platform to limit the sharing of “fake news.” Here are five problems with their plan.

1) Fake News Is a Fake Story

Simply put, the “fake news” hysteria is just that: hysteria. It’s a narrative being pushed by progressives to explain how Hillary Clinton could have possibly lost an election to Donald Trump. Rather than come to terms with the reality that Trump, flawed though he is, was more appealing to American voters than the scandal-plagued, corrupt crony Hillary Clinton, the media choose to cling to conspiracy theories that explain his win. That’s why liberal elites from Hillary Clinton and President Obama have joined fellow progressives in the media to call for people to “do something” about this problem.


2) PolitiFact Is A Joke

According to media reports, the “fact” “checking” organizations Snopes.com, PolitiFact, ABC News, Factcheck.org and the Associated Press will determine which stories are fake for Facebook. Snopes is still coasting on a good reputation it earned when it limited its service to exposing Internet hoaxes and false email forwards. Now it’s ventured into more bizarre territory.

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