D.C. area nightclub refuses to host pro-Trump ‘DeploraBall’

D.C. area nightclub refuses to host pro-Trump ‘DeploraBall’

[Ed. – Maybe the event planners should try waving a rainbow flag.]

A nightclub and event venue outside Washington, D.C. is receiving threatening phone calls and online comments after the small business chose not to host an inauguration party called the DeploraBall.

DeploraBall organizers say Clarendon Ballroom cancelled the event booking because they caved to pressure from Hillary Clinton supporters.

But managers of the venue say they never had a contract with the party’s organizers, who they say sold more than 500 tickets to their venue without their knowledge.

“We cannot cancel an event that was never booked. There was never an in-person meeting with organizers, never a hand shake and definitely not signed contracts or deposits,” Clarendon Ballroom said in a statement issued Thursday evening.

Some calls and messages Clarendon Ballroom received were so threatening that they called police. Arlington County police are monitoring the situation, spokeswoman Ashley Savage said. The department is not aware of any credible threat.

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