How Christmas became Obamamas

How Christmas became Obamamas

[Ed. – Worth following the links on this.]

Despite her current bout of self-pity with Oprah, Michelle and her husband inevitably will be offering a counterpoint to the Trump presidency, which is going to drive them nuts, along with most of the left.

The Obamas’ counterpoint desperately needs a counterpoint.  That’s where MOTUS (The Mirror the United States), as the blog is also called, comes in.  A clear-eyed view of what is going on will be needed.

What brought these thoughts to a head this morning is an eloquent example of the eye of MOTUS, dryly titled “The evolution of the winter holiday in America,” mocking the P.C. refusal to acknowledge Christmas.  But that is just a little amuse-bouche for what follows.  It is a perfect summation of the unique character of the Obama presidency. …

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