After spending $85 million in family travel, Obama looks forward to ‘decent vacation’

After spending $85 million in family travel, Obama looks forward to ‘decent vacation’
Credit: Saul Loeb (AFP)

While moving out of the White House, President Obama will also be packing his suitcase for a holiday. The outgoing executive told Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah that after eight difficult years he’s looking forward to “a decent vacation.”

No doubt Obama deserves one — of course, on his own dime this time. While in office, he’s explored the Roman Coliseum, walked the Great Wall of China and snorkeled in Maui. Now during retirement, picking a decent destination will be truly difficult.

Dubbed “the ultimate tourist,” by The New York Times, Obama seldom let a trip overseas go to waste. Diplomatic business trips doubled as Obama family vacations, like that time the president stopped in balmy Buenos Aires after swinging through tropical Havana, Cuba.

The 44th president has in fact visited every continent except Antarctica. Obama has told his aides that he wants to gaze on the frozen tundra, the New York Times reports. Unfortunately, duty has kept him from visiting. Often he’s had to settle for a few rounds of golf and frequent weekend trips to Martha’s Vineyard.

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