School district votes to allow teachers to arm themselves

School district votes to allow teachers to arm themselves
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On Wednesday, the fourth anniversary of the shooting that killed 20 children and six employees at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., Hanover School District 28’s board will decide whether to arm teachers and other staff at school.

Concerns about mass shootings are only part of what’s fueling the proposal to allow employees to carry concealed handguns.

“It’s more what’s coming into the neighborhoods,” board member Michael Lawson said at the November board meeting.

Specifically, the marijuana grows.

Large cultivation operators have set up shop within a few miles of schools on the rural eastern plains of El Paso County, he said.

“There are three (grows) within 2 miles of the school,” Lawson said Monday. “The Cuban and Colombian cartels are buying up land to grow marijuana in Colorado. We need to look at the safety of the schools and the kids.”

Hanover D-28, which has about 270 students, has never had an attack from an intruder, said Superintendent Grant Schmidt. The district does have a school resource officer, who is an El Paso County Sheriff’s deputy, on staff.

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