Obama suggests there’s too much media coverage of Aleppo crisis

Obama suggests there’s too much media coverage of Aleppo crisis

As Bashar al-Assad’s government in Syria celebrates the retaking of Aleppo amidst a horrific humanitarian disaster, President Obama and his administration are increasingly taking heat for ineffective action in the face of the crisis. But just a month ago, the president seemed to suggest that if it were not for the media, the situation in Syria would not even be an issue he would have to deal with.

At a November 14 press conference, the president was asked about the “learning curve on becoming president” and how long it took him to feel “fully at ease in the job.” The president replied (emphasis added):

About a week ago I started feeling pretty good. (Laughter.) No, look, I think the learning curve always continues. This is a remarkable job. It is like no other job on Earth. And it is a constant flow of information and challenges and issues. That is truer now than it has ever been, partly because of the nature of information and the interconnection between regions of the world.

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