New scapegoat for Hillary Clinton loss: Huma Abedin?

New scapegoat for Hillary Clinton loss: Huma Abedin?
Credit: Reuters

“The knives are out in Clintonworld,” Vanity Fair’s William Cohan writes, and they may take aim at a surprising target. Allahpundit touched on this earlier today, but it’s worth highlighting as part of the Democrats’ attempts to avoid blaming the one woman who really did lose the election.

Few have been as close to Hillary Clinton as Huma Abedin over the last 25 years, or as quietly dedicated to protecting her boss. Now that Hillary has blown a winnable election, Cohan writes, critics have focused the blame on her inner circle for keeping her too protected — and no one’s more an insider than Abedin:

“Maybe I’m just pissed off, but I really don’t give a sh*t about what happens to Huma to be honest with you,” one close adviser to Hillary Clinton told me recently. He was irked, in particular, at Abedin’s seemingly superfluous breach of decorum during a post-election event. On the day after Hillary Clinton’s stunning loss to Donald Trump, this person said, Abedin appeared within the rope line while Clinton greeted her morose and woebegone supporters. “You’re staff, O.K.?” this adviser continued. “Staff is staff. You’re not a principal.” …

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