Graphic sex-ed videos leave some moms in shock

Graphic sex-ed videos leave some moms in shock

“It’s quite slow to start, but after a while, it get a bit quicker” says the TV presenter as she demonstrates how penetrative sex works using life-like rubber genitals.

A Norwegian sex education TV program aimed at children and young adults that features graphic simulations of real-life sex acts has left some viewers perplexed and others shocked.

The science program, called Newton, is broadcast on the state-run channel NKR, and is very popular among six-year-olds. In it, Dr. Line Jansrud addresses a wide range of subjects, from menstruation to consent, involuntary ejaculation, body hair and spots. But for the most explicit content, including conception, the editors felt it wouldn’t be appropriate to have real men and women demonstrate sexual acts, so Jansrub relies instead on a diverse array of props.

She uses a vacuum cleaner on her neck to show how hickies are done, for example, and demonstrates French kissing with the aid of a tomato. The only time the program features real life models is when Jansrub discusses the in and outs of private parts from between the legs of a naked man.

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