Germany: Dozens of Christian statues smashed, defaced

Germany: Dozens of Christian statues smashed, defaced
Crucifix statue smashed in Munster region of western Germany. (Image: Screen grab of Lokalzeit Munsterland video via HeatStreet)

[Ed. – Really going out on a limb there with the “religious background” theory.  If these were Muslim religious artifacts, whole towns would have been jailed by now.]

Fifty statues of Christ and other Christian figures have been defaced and smashed apart in a crime wave sweeping parts of Germany.

Statues in the Münster region in the west of Germany have been targeted over a series of months – including one of Jesus which had its head lopped off, and many more missing limbs or other fragments.

Police in the area say they suspect a “religious background” to the crimes, but have yet to name any suspects.

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