Chopped liver: House can’t get intel agencies to brief them on Russian hacking business

Chopped liver: House can’t get intel agencies to brief them on Russian hacking business
CIA Director John Brennan (Image:

[Ed. – Ed Morrissey’s is a nice summary, highlighting that most of the “disclosures” on this have been freelanced or dribbled out rather than coming through formal briefs that Congress can hang its hat on.  With DNI and FBI declining to endorse the reported CIA assessment, the House is justified in wondering, basically, WTF.]

Thus far as is known, Nunes and other Congressional leaders have gotten briefed on the hacks and their origins, but it appears that few if any got briefed on the idea that it was an overarching operation to skew the election itself. That analysis seems to have caught Congress by surprise, which is why Nunes wanted the briefing in the first place. (As I noted earlier, it would have been a curiously indirect way of going about it anyway.)

Clapper’s answer doesn’t help. The various agencies have all had people running to the media to offer up conflicting theories about the intent of all the hacking, creating the kind of uncertainty that almost certainly benefits our enemies abroad even while everyone from the White House down agrees that the election process itself didn’t get compromised. With at least one of his agencies leaking like a sieve, Clapper’s stand on no-comments during open investigations looks pretty self-serving. It also looks like a dodge to keep Clapper and others off the hot seat over all of the leaks.

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