Apparently, Brits can manage to screw up cheese

Apparently, Brits can manage to screw up cheese
Gateway protein. (Image via The Kitchen Skinny)

[Ed. – Come on, dudes.  I know you can do better.  (Start by losing the concern trolls, maybe.)]

The “fromage-themed extravaganza” took place on Wednesday at London’s famous Borough Market, and hordes turned up, all eager to get a taste of free cheese.

More than 18,000 people said they were attending on Facebook, and it seems many of them actually went (unlike most events). It was too packed. …

Only adding to the misery, others were frustrated at the appearance of a group of vegan protesters, who hurled insults in an anti-cheese demonstration while streaming videos of sad-looking cows. …

David Wallace didn’t even see any cheese.

“Gave up on this before we even saw any cheese, never mind tasted it,” he wrote. …

However, others proffered some ‘perspective’.

Amalia Di Prosecco (we’ve asked if that’s her real name) commented on Facebook: “I’m sorry – we are still talking about a free cheese night and not the war in South Sudan, the famine in Yemen or the well-documented Syrian invasion aren’t we?

“I popped in tonight. And yes there were queues. The queues didn’t put me off – it was what was f****** in them that did.”

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