4 richest counties in America are suburbs of Washington, D.C.

4 richest counties in America are suburbs of Washington, D.C.
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[Ed. – Now there’s a (bleeping) surprise.]

The four richest counties in the United States, when measured by median household income, are all suburbs of Washington, D.C., according to newly released data from the Census Bureau.

They are Loudoun County, Va., where the median household income was $125,900 in 2015; Falls Church City, Va., where it was $122,092; Fairfax County, Va., where it was $112,844; and Howard County, Md., where it was $110,224. …

Of the Top 20 richest counties in the nation, nine are suburbs of the city that serves as the seat of a federal government that in fiscal 2016 taxed away $3,266,774,000,000 from the American people, spent $3,687,596,000,000, and ran a $587,326,000,000 deficit.

Six of the Top 20 richest counties are in Northern Virginia. That gives Virginia twice as many counties in the Top 20 as any other state.

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