Feminists take a swing at Kellyanne Conway — and whiff totally

Feminists take a swing at Kellyanne Conway — and whiff totally
Kellyanne Conway (Image: YouTube screen grab via MSNBC)

Recently, Kellyanne Conway, who made history as the first female campaign manager of a winning presidential campaign, explained why she turned down a senior role in the Trump White House. During Politico’s Women Rule Summit she made a point to say that while all women—from single women to working mothers—are welcome in a Trump White House, she didn’t feel that taking a high profile White House job was compatible with her family life. Conway said in part:

“And when I was discussing my role with other senior campaign folks, they would say, “I know you have four kids, but…” I said, “There’s nothing that comes after the ‘but’ that makes any sense to me, so don’t even try.” Like, what is the “but”? But they’ll eat Cheerios for the rest of life? Like, nobody will brush their teeth again until I get home? I mean, it just—what is the “but”? And I do politely mention to them that the question isn’t, would you take the job?”…

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