Life expectancy lower for Trump voters

Life expectancy lower for Trump voters

[Ed. – They also go to hell when they die.]

Throughout the 2016 campaign President-elect Donald Trump reached out to voters who felt the system didn’t work for them. They were crucial to his November victory.

But the challenges those voters face is about more than just economics and government policy, it cuts all the way to the physical health of their communities.

People who live in Trump’s most supportive communities feel they are not as healthy as the nation as a whole and people in their communities are more likely to die from a drug or alcohol overdose, according to data from the Gallup and the Centers for Disease Control analyzed by the American Communities Project.

Meet The Press merged data from three groups of counties that Trump won by more than 20 points – Graying America, Evangelical Hubs and Working Class Country. Those counties carry some common traits. They are more rural than the other places and tend to have lower incomes and lower college education rates.

There are 1024 counties in that merged group. Trump won 986 of them. And they look very different from the country on some key health measures.

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