ACLU sues: Cross on Indiana town’s Christmas tree causes resident ‘irreparable harm’

ACLU sues: Cross on Indiana town’s Christmas tree causes resident ‘irreparable harm’
(Image: Screen grab of CBS News video)

[Ed. – “Irreparable”?  What in the world can be done about that?  Either this fellow is scarred for life and may need to just consider assisted suicide, or this is a ridiculous exaggeration.  I’m leaning toward the latter.  (This is all apart, of course, from the absurdity of objecting to a cross on a Christmas tree.)  H/t: CNSNews.]

The Indianapolis Star reported that the ACLU’s Indiana chapter and Knightstown resident Joseph Tompkins argue that the Christian symbol on display in the Knightstown town square violates the First Amendment. The lawsuit is seeking for removal of the cross, monetary damages and declaration that the cross display violates the First Amendment. …

Court documents say that the illuminated cross is atop a large evergreen tree and has for a number of years. The documents say there are no other holiday decorations on the square. …

The documents go on to say that every day, Tompkins “is forced to come into direct and unwelcome contact” with the cross on top of the tree as he drives through town. This, the suit says, has caused him “irreparable harm,” which can only be remedied by taking the cross down and paying Tompkins monetary damages.

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